Trifilm opened its doors over 25 years ago with a mission to provide creative, entertainment and production services for forward thinking companies and organizations around the world.

We keep our thoughts big and our skills targeted to move ideas forward and deliver powerful results.
We are a collection of thinkers, designers, editors, animators, and filmmakers who share a passion for action.

We are committed to using the power of storytelling to craft influential campaigns, narratives, and experiences. From television series development to documentary filmmaking, live webcasts and social media campaigns, creative strategy, and everything in between, Trifilm has developed and delivered big ideas on digital, physical and interactive platforms around the globe.


Social & Brand Campaigns
Copywriting & Scripting
Art Direction
Experience Design
Installation Design
Brand Identity Design
TV Development
Documentary Development


Strategic Planning
Account Management
Communication Strategy
Digital Channel Strategy


Live Action
3D/CG Animation
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
Music Composition


Staging & Lighting
Strategy & Development
Social Campaign Planning
Environmental Design

From network television to new media, Jay-Z to Bono, George Clooney to Steven Spielberg, Microsoft to Coca-Cola, The President and everyone in between, Trifilm has generated and delivered creative content across digital, physical, and interactive platforms around the world. Trifilm brings 25 years of multimedia, marketing and creative for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Mark Dickison
CEO & Founder
Mike Morrisroe
President & Executive Producer
Todd Mueller
Producer/Senior Editor
Mia Vyzis
Senior Creative Director
Barbara Terzieff
Executive Producer
Matt McNaghten
Executive Producer & Editor
Carl Malone
Executive Producer
Jay Matsudaira
Senior Producer
Madi Phillips
Koa Kohler
Art Director/Ideasmith
Kat Harrell
Production Coordinator
Austin Suit
Graphic Designer